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Address:The West Gate of Powerlong International Wholesale Center, Luoyang 471000, China
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Luoyang Guangfa antique bronze technology development limited company is located in the eastern part of the Silk Road Chinese bronze - a land of yuan Yichuan County White Township often Valley village. According to the north in nine towards the ancient capital of Luoyang and the world cultural heritage Longmen Grottoes, look east mountain, south of eight hundred Lifu cow mountain scenic area, west of Xiaoshan letter ancient customs. Two high speed high speed, Zheng Shaoluo, Luo Luan travels the fast channel, Jiao-zhi railroad from here through. The traffic is very convenient.

The company is the antique bronze industry production of a larger scale, strong technical force of well-known enterprises. Company sets scientific research and development production and sales as a whole, from model design to finished casting on rust for the old one-stop production. Can copy ( copy ) the history of various artifacts of the period, the main characters and religious statues, tripod pot, horses, respect such as more than one thousand kinds of products. The annual production of tens of thousands of pieces of many. And to undertake the city bronze sculpture, Museum (courtyard ) office cultural reproduction and show business, customers can also tailor-made for a variety of exquisite antique crafts.

The main products are: horse riding Chebi, Emperor drive six, Si Mu Wu Fang Ding, Ding Luoyang, Klitschko Ding, Emperor Bao Ding, four sheep square respect her, respect, respect, flat bell, goblet, Lin Hok side pots, bronze mirrors, a variety of wall, antique lamps etc. Can also be produced in accordance with customer requirements ---1000 kilograms 0.15 kilograms and even tens of tons of various kinds of exquisite antique bronze, crafts and Buddha statue.

Model design of main producer Li Fajing teacher, 1958--1960 years in Chinese Academy of Sciences Luoyang Institute of archeology archaeology school, after the redeployment of Peking University Department of archaeology, the incumbent Yichuan County bronze culture industry development promotion association. In the bronze copy, dating to discern patterns, model design and other areas have a wealth of experience.

All employees in the company under the leadership of chairman Li Qiqian, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign new and old friends to visit our company to negotiate, a large quantity congyou. Please patronize!!!